Somatic Therapy

"Somatic" refers to the body-mind connection - the integration of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. It is a very gentle bottom-up approach which means that the therapy is concentrating on movements and sensations in the body and gradually letting the dysregulation flow out of the body releasing discomfort and/or traumatic experiences.

When we notice something isn't quite right in our bodies, it's a sign that our thoughts and emotions need some attention, too. Children are especially attuned to their bodily sensations and can often sense when something is off long before adults do. However, they may not have the words to express or the understanding of how to ask for support.

That's where somatics comes in!

By teaching children simple techniques like breathing exercises and gentle movement, we can help them release tension, reduce stress, and boost their overall well-being. Most of all, through somatic techniques, we become aware and understand the sensations in our body in response to stress or intense emotions, and we learn how to respond with more intention rather than using a reactionary approach.

This is because somatic activities:

  • Teach us how to be aware of patterns that may lead to emotional overwhelm and give us room to express their emotions without judgment or shame.
  • Offer the opportunity for self-regulation.
  • Strengthen the bonding and attachment with parents because it helps both children and parents better understand one another’s feelings.
  • Equips us with the tools to help us form secure, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships.

Engaging in sensory activities like painting, clay-making, and playing in the sand are somatic experiences that enact feelings and allow us the opportunity to build more awareness of the physical effects of emotion.

“Somatic Experiencing helps the child to gain mastery over those feelings and situations that are overwhelming. Doing this indirectly, through verse and image, story and play, and bodily sensations; these are the languages of a child’s experience.”

Dr. Levine
Somatic Experiencing Founder