Everyone has their own experiences of trauma. But through pain and loneliness can come strength and resilience. Difficult emotions can be used as valuable clues with a purpose. They can motivate change and action. If children can learn to work with their feelings rather than against, they can move towards a happier and healthier way of being. My personal experiences, as well as my extensive clinical training informs the work I do today. It also makes me passionate about providing a safe place for children to express themselves in ways that put their stories into words so grown-ups can understand and help.

I offer expressive play therapies for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

Why Play therapy?

Play helps kids feel free and safe to connect with others. The combination of play and therapy allows children to celebrate their unique joys and experience resilience. This new way of experiencing themselves and the world can be an exciting and transformational process and gives kids (and parents) the confidence to learn new skills and creatively find solutions to their struggles.

Before the First Session

To decide if I’m a good fit for your child, I connect with parents or primary caregivers first through an initial consult and determine if I am a good fit for your child. This helps me understand more about the struggles the child is expressing and the type of support they may need to flourish. It also gives you a chance to learn more about how I work and determine if you want to work with me.

If we both decide to move forward, before our first in-person you will receive an intake form that parents can fill out and bring to the first session.

Working with your Child

Depending on your child’s comfort level, a parent or caregiver can stay in the room for a portion of the session until they feel comfortable for you to leave. Your child is invited to explore the playroom and choose what they would like to play with (sand table, books, lego, playdough, expressive art activities, social stories, puppets, games). After the initial session, once goals are developed, sessions will devote a percentage to achieving goals through skill building and practice play and a percentage to free play. To learn some of the specific ways I work with children individually click here.

Consistency creates results

In order to create the best results for your child and your family, I ask families to commit to weekly sessions for the first few months. This allows the relationship between your child and myself to develop in a way that creates positive change for your child. How long therapy takes will be dependent on each child and family, as well as the recommendations of all relevant people in that child’s life.


Next Steps...

If you have question or you are ready to come together and create a team around your family that serves to continue in the healthy development of your child.


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