Helping little people deal with situations that create big feelings!

Through the healing powers of play and strong secure relationships with caregivers, children become better equipped to understand and manage their big emotions.

'Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart'

- Winnie The Pooh


I use creativity, play and holistic brain-body based theories to combine evidence-based strategies that will solidify the foundations for children’s healthy development and transform family dynamics to generate positive change for years to come.

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Play therapy invites children to express and process feelings, thoughts, and experiences through their natural desire to play. Caring for Caregivers works to help caregivers face difficult moments in parenting and helps them identify and manage their own past or present experiences that may be affecting the way they relate to their child. Family Therapy improves the responsiveness and availability that is felt within family relationships. Group Therapy provides a space for shared healing and personal growth.

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About Me

Sarah White, MA, Certified Canadian Counsellor, Registered, Clinical Counsellor & Certified Synergetic Play Therapist

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