"Family Therapy"

Attachment Theory

Exploring deep emotional bonds and interpersonal relationships to foster emotional healing and secure attachments.

Expressive Arts

Utilizing creative arts to express emotions, facilitating self-discovery and emotional healing in a therapeutic setting.

"Happy Field"

Intergenerational Trauma

Addressing inherited trauma across generations to heal and break cycles, enhancing familial and individual emotional well-being.

Internal Family Systems

Empowering self-healing by understanding and harmonizing the diverse parts within oneself, fostering inner harmony and psychological balance.

"Family Therapy"
"Interpersonal Neurobiology"

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Enhancing mental health by integrating brain science, relational experiences, and mindfulness to foster well-being and emotional resilience."

Somatic Therapy

Utilizes body awareness and sensation to heal trauma and stress, fostering emotional and physical well-being through mind-body connection.

"Adult and Child looking at each other"
"Family Play Therapy"

Synergetic Play Therapy

Blends neuroscience with play to mirror and regulate a child's nervous system, enhancing connection, healing, and emotional resiliency.

Trauma & EDMR

Uses eye movements to reprocess traumatic memories, reducing emotional distress and fostering rapid healing and psychological recovery.

"Trauma & EDMR"

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