If your child has been through a traumatic event what makes all the difference is the safety and quality of attention the important caregivers can provide (especially when you too may feel traumatized). Through their art and play, children bring up these challenging events and work through the big reactions that trauma may have left behind. If you notice your child is experiencing physical and emotional effects (complete change in personality, or interests, nightmares, problems sleeping or with eating, anger, lack of attention, self blame) after a trauma I can help them express and understand their feelings, which will help your child integrate the events in a more coordinated way. We will acknowledge your child’s experience in ways that help them process the events so they do not continue to feel powerless and afraid.

Examples of traumatic experiences:

  • Hospitalization or painful medical procedures
  • Separation from a parent due to adoption, death or divorce
  • Abuse
  • Witnessing a parent abuse substances
  • Neglect, poverty and toxic stress
  • Witnessing a trauma or a death
  • Being involved in an event such as a major car accident or natural disaster
  • Healing from enduring emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse
  • Witnessing family violence
  • Intergenerational trauma - effects on parenting

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