As Social Explorers Curriculum states, you want your child to appreciate how they “fit” into the world with others and how others fit into their own internal world. When we suspect or are told by outside supports, like teachers, that our child is not doing well socially we experience fear as parents and caregivers because we know how much successful peer relationships maximize their future well being. If your child is avoiding school or leaving playdates angry and upset it may help alleviate your fears if you access added social skill building supports for your child, supports that schools may not provide. This will help avoid feeling rejected by peers and prepare them for a lifetime of healthier interactions that leave your child feeling confident in their ability to connect and feel like they belong wherever they are.

Examples of social skills:

  • Understanding rules and accessing solutions to make decisions
  • Practicing and learning cooperation, flexible thinking and perspective taking
  • Practicing specific social skills and gaining confidence in interacting with others
  • Learning to understand and interact with social expectations and boundaries
  • Self control & empathy
  • Cooperation as a way to connect with peers
  • How to work as a team and delay gratification
  • Learning how to engage with authority figures

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