Many new challenges are faced in the early years of parenting, for you and for your little person. When our child’s emotions make them uncomfortable or it feels like they can’t manage their daily struggles it breaks our heart and leaves us feeling powerless. Often it can even create anxiety in us, that can further add to your child’s inability to self regulate. Seeing your child’s uncontrollable outbursts or the excessive worry that gets in the way of their success and the functioning of your family may require some outside support and education. Although there can be outside factors that contribute to your child’s inability to manage emotions effectively I can help with a multitude of approaches that will teach your child about thoughts and feelings and what happens when they get too big. Your child will gain self awareness, have skills to handle their emotions as well as understand the importance of communicating them in productive ways.

Important developmental stepping stones to emotional regulation

  • Understanding how to recognize feelings in themselves and others (facial expression, posture, non verbal, tone of voice)
  • Improving self awareness and how feelings are felt in the body
  • Feelings Education - feelings into zones - comfortable, uncomfortable (songs, stories, games, art activities)
  • Understanding how the brain affects our feelings
  • Improving focus and mindfulness (breathing, counting, visualization)
  • Connecting thoughts to feelings (red thoughts/green thoughts)
  • Using emotions as clues that tell us what needs to be processed or changed for a child
  • Coping tool box
  • Ways to calm down the nervous system

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