Family dynamics are the patterns of relating, or the ways family members interact with each other. These interactions often have a strong influence on the way children see themselves and their world. Every family has its own dynamic. When a member of your family makes healthy communication and consistent, secure relationships unpredictable or even impossible it can affect the way your child, and the family, feels and functions. Some effects you may notice are; your child talking negative about themselves or acting out (lying, stealing, getting in trouble at school, fighting). It can also look like sadness and a loss of hope that can become depression. I will help your child understand what is creating the complex dynamic in their family in a developmentally safe and non-threatening way. The specific dynamics that affect your child will be expressed with my help to family so that we can develop the best possible plan to lessen the stress felt by your child and in turn work on positive coping skills that will build connections and create a more open communication between family members.

Some examples of family dynamics I work with include;

  • Having a loved one with a mental illness
  • Having a loved one with an addiction
  • Having a loved one who is aggressive and violent
  • Having a loved one who is incarcerated
  • Children in care
  • Having a sibling with developmental or behavioral challenges

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