Communication (verbal & non verbal) is one of the major developmental tasks in early childhood It is how we interact and connect with the outside world and how we develop a sense of belonging with those we are close to. When your child struggles with expressing their thoughts and feelings or has a hard time feeling successful communicating with others it can begin to cause intolerable frustration as well as leave them feeling incompetent and unsafe out in the world. I offer many approaches that will help your child to express and understand thoughts, feelings and information. They will learn, play out and practice communication skills in a way that has them feeling competent in expressing themselves and in their ability to build friendships and in turn feel more successful at school.

  • Building emotion vocabulary
  • Non verbal communication (tone of voice, body language)
  • Learning to effectively communicate feelings and thoughts to themselves and others
  • Various communication skills (examples: apologizing, interrupting, joining a group and the “I” message)
  • Learning the steps to and practicing listening skills
  • Interpreting social cues

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