I help little people deal with big feelings and confusing situations.

In my work, I empower children and their families so they can feel more grounded and more in control of their day-to-day lives.

Some of the challenges I work with include:

Emotion-Regulation ~ helping your child be able to focus their attention, control their emotions and manage their thinking, behaviour and feelings. 

Communication Skills ~ nurturing the development of your child’s communication skills so that they are capable of expressing themselves and getting their needs met.

Social Skills ~ helping your child be aware of all the ways that they can communicate and interact with others so that they can build successful connections and feel confident socially. 

Difficult Transitions ~ transitions are difficult for children, even small ones. If your child is going through a transition I can provide that extra outside support while also teaching them skills to grow through the transition and in turn giving them confidence to manage future transitions. 

Complex Family Dynamics ~ when the dynamics within a family make the environment unpredictable or have it difficult to create stability, this can create struggle for your child and for your whole family. In these times, I can provide a neutrally safe and consistent space for your child to express their feelings and worries as well as build their understanding of the problem so that they do not see it as their fault. I will work to help your child to recognize that they are resilient and strong even in the face of adversity. 

Trauma ~ children need comfort and organization when they have experienced a trauma, and often during these times it is also traumatizing for you as a caregiver. I offer a nurturing and exploratory play space for your child to name and process the events so that they don't remain stuck with the risk of developing into further struggles. 

Among others…

I also have extensive experience working with children in care and children of first nations, metis, aboriginal and/or indigenous descent.

Essentially, if you have a child between the ages of 3 and 12 who is struggling to deal with the big world around them, I can help.


I use a variety of psychoeducational and clinical techniques to support and empower children to express their unique personalities and engage with the world in positive and healthy ways. To find out more about the techniques I use in my work, click here.

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